Application Maintenance

Keep your existing applications humming along by employing our dedicated teams of maintenance engineers. We bring years of experience working with legacy software systems to the table.

Whether you are looking to add new features or simply stabilize an existing application for future resilience, Common Sense Software can help!

New Feature Development

One of the great challenges of working with legacy applications is adding new features. It can feel very risky to modify a system that has been working well without intervention.

This is where our team’s experience can provide major value. Having worked extensively with legacy systems, we have the skills needed to jump into your existing code base, understand how it’s working, and add functionality with well-tested, resilient code. Let us boost your confidence while we extend your maintenance-mode applications.

Application Performance

Very often applications that once performed well suffer performance degradations as your user base or data quantity grow. In the best case, this might slow down the user experience of your application; in the worst case, users may begin hitting timeout limits at various points in your infrastructure, making part or all of the application unusable.

Common Sense Software’s team can help you instrument or otherwise profile your application and database queries to identify the areas in your application logic that are causing the most problems, and then work diligently to address these issues.

Dependency Management & Application Modernization

Despite their best efforts, letting legacy applications’ dependencies fall behind can happen to any team. IIt can feel very dangerous to address those concerns, but sometimes it is unavoidable if you want to push the application forward. Rely on our team’s experience to identify the potential risks of such an upgrade, and avoid the inevitable security and performance consequences of ignoring the issue.