Mentorship and Team Development

Regardless of whether you’re trying to build competency on your team or if your senior engineering staff is simply too overloaded to provide the mentorship that the rest of your team needs, Common Sense Software can help.

Our team brings a wealth of mentorship and supervision experience. From code review to architecture planning we want to support you as your team matures and your business grows.

Custom Lesson Development

Is your team strong in some areas, but missing key knowledge in others? Our senior engineers have experience developing custom lesson plans and curriculums!

Let us help you improve your feature velocity with custom lessons targeting exactly your team’s needs.

Mentorship Sets Us Apart

Common Sense Software’s engineering team is built on an innovative apprenticeship model that emphasizes mentorship and supervision. We believe that the best way to invest in junior talent is through consistent architectural conversations, code review and targeted mentorship. Allow us to bring this expertise in individual empowerment and team building to your organization!