Web Application Development

Turn your vision into a reality with our custom application development services. Common Sense Software aims to act as your partner, working with you every step of the way from discovery to deployment.

Our experienced team of software developers know how to work with your business leaders to understand your unique project needs. If you’re wondering how long it will take to build you an application or how much it might cost, please reach out!


Everything starts with you. In the initial phases of your project, our goal is to understand your needs, and to build out a project plan that works for you. We will work hand in hand with your business leaders to define a clear vision of what you want to build.

Planning & Design

Knowing what to build is the first step on the road to building something. After we’ve got a clear understanding of the project, our next phase is to break the project down into comprehensible, and manageble chunks. We will define minimum viable products, understand the order in which the various pieces of your project need to be built, and plan a roadmap to get you to the finish line.

Development & Testing

Common Sense Software will always focus on quality and best practices during development. We will always write tests alongside the code we develop to ensure correctness, and regression prevention.

Our team embraces an Agile methodology in order to provide you with regular updates as well as to position ourselves to quickly pivot as your project requirements change over time.